The picture  was a beautiful butterfly lying broken beside the road. She lay on the ground languishing away with broken wings, unable to fly. Then I saw the Lord reach down and gently pick up the butterfly and hold her in his open hand. And with great tenderness and care he grasped each broken wing and carefully straightened them out and healed them. The butterfly cautiously began to flap her wings as if to test them out. But being fearful of the pain and fearful of falling she remained where she was at. Then the Lord gently blew his breath on the butterfly and with that breath came hope and courage and the butterfly flapped her wings and began to fly. Up and down and around and around she began to fly as if dancing to some unheard music and after circling the One who had given her new life, she flew off.

People will fail you. Yes, even preachers are human. If a person doesn’t fail you, you should be so thankful for them and thank God often for them. God has given us free will and unfortunately many people use their free will to hurt each other. When they fail us it can be heart breaking. Sometimes it can be devastating Some human failures can include things like loosing your job when you did not do wrong. There are times the boss just hates the Christ they see in you, or they are jealous or feel you are a threat due to your knowledge etc. Jesus experienced this when Judas betrayed him. Then the leaders of the church had him beat and publicly humiliated. The word tells us if they did it to the most important among us; The Son of God,don’t be amazed when they do it to us. We are human so what do we become? Amazed, devastated, bewildered; Right? God has allowed us all free will. God has to allow people to be bad as well as good or there is no way we can demonstrate who we serve. Unfortunately, just like his most loved son, we to have to endure hardship and rejection. We are promised that God sees our pains and even takes them personally. Remember Saul on the road to Damascus? Jesus asked him why Saul was purcuting him? We are told in Revelation he has angels that collect our tears and in the end of time God is going to avenge his people. He will remember each tear and pour out our tears as he makes the evil people pay for their sins. God is so faithful. He sees our pain and He comes with an encouraging word…..just what we need at the time to remind us He loves us….He sees our pains…..He mends our broken heart and He understands that we are not ready to quickly take off again it takes time to balance our emotions and thoughts to get back working again. He understands our fears and just stays there holding us while we learn to trust a few again as he keeps his hand under us so we can feel his presence. He doesn’t allow us to fall. If we do fall we fall in his hand, and when he sees the time is right he pushes us along in the protection of the Holy Spirit to finish the work we started for him.

Philippians 1:6

New International Version (NIV)

6 Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.

When I first read this vision the impression I was getting was of God taking the butterfly and splinting the wings. Yet He did not show that in the picture he showed a picture of the butterfly’s wings being healed by the hand of the Lord. We have to be careful of the way we view God in our heart. This holds the key to our complete recovery. If we expect God to splint our hurts we will not be completely healed. We can say that we believe that Christ is the healer, but in our heart expect him to splint our hurts and we will not be completely healed. It is when we go back and study His word and study his word until we get rid of all doubt and misconceptions that we can be completely healed and made whole. As long as we hold wrong views or misunderstand the word it will keep us from flying off and accomplishing what God has for us to accomplish. Many times people do not intentionally think the wrong things about God they just have lower expectations due to what their eyes have seen in the natural rather than believe what possibilities have been promised and are available in the supernatural realm.

Prayer: God help us to read the Bible and learn who you are. Help us to quit filtering your word through our experiences. Help us to see you clearly. Even when you send a vision if we are not careful we will see things that you did not show in the picture. Help us to get a clear, loving picture of who you are. Help us to see  you as the loving Father of our lives. One who sees that the free will you provided often causes us to experience pain from others use of their free will. Yet, let us remember you are there to heal our broken hearts and provide love and a hand of protection to your children. I love you Father. Help me not be the one that breaks another’s will. Help me to be like you; the healer, protector, a shoulder to lean on and a safe hand to fall into.